Test purchase for any purposes - Online and Offline

Test purchase service for all needs, available online and offline.


  • We can order any sample for you, and take photos, and/or ship the sample to you, delivery a report, data stored on our website within your dedicated account.
  • We purchase samples online and offline in Greater China, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries.
  • No information revealed from your side to the targets, no need for lengthy internal process other than receiving services from our side.

Our sample purchasing service is for any purposes, including legal, R&D, business development.

Service range

Empowering Your Brand Integrity: Comprehensive Solutions Against Counterfeit, Trademark and Patent Infringements, and Competitor Challenges.

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 what we provide

Discover our case study showcasing our provided services and their impact.

High resolution photos of samples uploaded to your designated account in our portal, which can be accessed anytime anywhere.

360-degree photos in your designated account can also be accessed anytime anywhere.

What can we save you from

Spending time and cost of shipping the samples to your office,

Customs taxes and shipping fee,

risks of (infringing) samples being confiscated by Customs,

risks of package lost during shipping,

some special products not able to be shipped cross borders.

Do you want to know what is really on the products?

Unlock the reality behind product content with our transparency commitment.

Counterfeit authentication

Brand protection team authenticates the sample and enforce with such authentication result

Legal analysis

Legal team to analyze if there is IPR violation, or unfair competition

White seller monitoring

Brand owner to monitor if the white seller/ authorized dealer are selling infringing products

Counterfeit rate check-up of certain seller /platform/region

Brand owner to compare if counterfeit rate has changed of certain seller/platform/region

Comptitor products analysis

R&D, or business development team to analyze competitor products

Trending/new products analysis

R&D, or business development team to analyze trending/new products

For Purchasing

We will use different anonymous identities and addresses to place and receive orders.

After Receiving Samples

Per request, analysis could be made after receiving the targeted products on

Genuine / counterfeit comparison

Authenticate with confidence: distinguish genuine from counterfeit products with precision.

Sellers / region / brand

Explore sellers, regions, and brands for your purchased products comprehensively.


Discover networks associated with your purchase for enhanced understanding and connections.

Return address

Easily locate return addresses for hassle-free product returns and exchanges.

High resolution images and 360-degree photos will be taken.

Analysis would be made on

  1. Genuine/counterfeit comparison
  2. Sellers/region/brand
  3. Return address

Online and Offline

Explore our wide range of tested products available both digitally and in-person.

Online: e-commerce platforms

Social media around the globe


Our process

Learn about our streamlined process for seamless purchases and transactions.

Place the order

Receive it with an anonymous address and identity

Take detailed photos and make report

Obtain shipping and return address of the targeted seller

Follow up with other requests, e.g., report for infringing products

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